Dental Cleanings and Exams in Las Vegas, NV

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What are Dental Cleanings and Exams?

Getting regular dental evaluations and cleanings lets you take a proactive step to preserve the health of your smile. A routine oral exam and cleaning at Gardens Cosmetic and Family Dentistry looks for tooth caries, periodontal disease, cancer of oral tissues, and different conditions that might be influencing your oral and total health. Using advanced equipment, a professional cleaning treats plaque and tartar while polishing the enamel for a healthier, brighter smile. During your treatment, you can get tips on caring for your teeth at home and discover certain areas that may need more attention. Typically carried out during biannual teeth cleaning appointments, dental exams enable Dr. Ryan Martz to evaluate the teeth, gums, bite, jaw joints, and further oral features and can ensure prompt detection and management of oral problems. If you want to keep up with the health and look of your smile, schedule a regular oral examination and cleaning at our Las Vegas, NV facility as soon as possible!


Achieving a nice smile involves more work than simply going to your dental care provider when you notice a concern. Yearly dental exams and cleanings at Gardens Cosmetic and Family Dentistry optimize chances for prompt detection, prevention, and treatment for oral problems and are critical in protecting your dental wellness. Set up your family's annual oral checkups and cleanings with Dr. Ryan Martz at our Las Vegas, NV office as soon as you can!

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