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What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full-mouth rehabilitation is a highly individualized treatment. The point of a full-mouth reconstruction plan is to optimize the health of the entire mouth, including the teeth, the gums, and the bite. In many cases, it is necessary to replace or restore every tooth in the mouth using a combination of dental services like crowns, veneers, implants, and at times, root canals. At Gardens Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, Dr. Ryan Martz and his skilled dental team provide full-mouth rehabilitation for Las Vegas, NV, patients to experience the restored appearance and functionality of their smile. Learn more by contacting us today to schedule your initial consultation.

What are the Benefits of Full-Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full-mouth rehabilitation can offer a wide range of benefits for patients, including:

  • Restored appearance: One of our primary goals is to enhance the appearance of your smile — so it looks natural and attractive.
  • Improved function: Another goal is to improve how well your teeth function. This can be done by correcting the alignment of your teeth and restoring biting and chewing surfaces.
  • Enhanced oral health: By addressing all areas of concern in your mouth, we can help you achieve optimal oral health. This includes improving the health of your gums, preventing tooth decay, and protecting your teeth from future damage.

Who is a candidate for full-mouth reconstruction?

Patients that are candidates for full-mouth reconstruction may have:

  • Extreme dental wear
  • Severe TMD
  • Lots of missing teeth or a combination of these conditions
  • Dental conditions or even a hereditary disorder, such as ectodermal dysplasia (teeth that never develop), amelogenesis imperfecta (very small teeth), or dentinogenesis imperfecta (stained or translucent teeth)

What can I expect during full-mouth reconstruction?

Following a thorough exam of your teeth, gums, and jawbone, Dr. Martz might suggest full-mouth reconstruction. Your personalized treatment plan will be generated depending on the condition of your teeth, gums, temporomandibular (TMJ) joints, facial muscles, and dental bite. Dr. Martz will discuss your treatment and sedation options and his recommendations during your consultation to make sure your treatment strategy fits your wants and goals. Once your treatment plan is made, He will go over exactly what to expect during your full-mouth reconstruction and schedule your appointments. Generally, a full-mouth reconstruction will take several visits to Gardens Cosmetic and Family Dentistry. Dr. Martz will schedule your procedures with breaks in between to allow your mouth to heal until the next step is started.

What To Expect After A Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

After each treatment in your full-mouth reconstruction treatment plan, our team will explain what to expect and how to look after your mouth. We may prescribe antibiotics or pain medication that needs to be filled prior to your procedure and taken as directed. You may experience some swelling or discomfort following certain processes, like implant placement, that may make it hard to chew, so a soft or liquid food diet may be best for you. After your full-mouth reconstruction is complete, you must maintain your restored oral health with good brushing and flossing at home. Annual dental exams and biannual cleanings at Garden Cosmetic and Family Dentistry are also important. During your exams, our team will be able to track the health of your own restorations, natural gums, teeth, and jaw.

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation FAQ

How long will my results from full-mouth rehabilitation last?
Your results with full-mouth rehabilitation can be long-lasting with proper dental care. It is important to stick to an at-home routine of regular brushing and flossing. You should also schedule annual dental exams and cleanings to maintain your results.

What treatments may be included in full-mouth rehabilitation?

A number of treatments could be included in your full-mouth rehabilitation, including:

  • Dental implants
  • Dental bridges
  • Dental crowns
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Inlays and onlays

Can full-mouth rehabilitation improve oral health?
Yes. Full-mouth rehabilitation can greatly improve upon your oral health. Additionally. this procedure can enhance the overall functionality and appearance of your smile.

Experience Restored Functionality

When you are looking for a dental solution to your complex dental issues using a full-mouth reconstruction, then schedule a consultation at Gardens Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Las Vegas, NV. Dr. Martz will make your distinctive treatment plan to fit your wants and goals. He can help improve your mouth so you may enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile.

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