All On Four

Dr Habashi: “I believe that this procedure is a God send for people that have suffered from wearing dentures most of their lives and have never adapted. I have personally seen people’s lives change after having this procedure done. I have seen improvement in their confidence, health, looks, and overall life.

The All-on-4 dental implant is a permanent, cost-effective treatment solution based on four or more implants secured in the jawbone to obtain optimal positioning and support of a complete denture.

This innovative solution provides the patients with a fixed bridge on the same day that the teeth are extracted and implants are placed.

The All-on-4 clinical solution has been developed to maximize the use of available bone and to allow for Immediate function™. 

All On Four

Using only four implants in edentulous jaws, the solution takes advantage of the benefits of tilting the posterior implants to provide a secure and optimal prosthetic support for a prosthetic bridge, even with minimum bone volume.

The first step to your permanent teeth is an examination to determine your current situation. During your examination, you may expect a few very important diagnostic procedures. Dr. Habashi then can determine the best solution for your specific needs.


What is Immediate Function™?

Immediate Function™ is a core concept of Beautiful Teeth Now™. Historically, implants have been associated with a time consuming surgical procedure. Our solutions have revolutionized this, by allowing you to provide beautiful, natural looking teeth, from the very moment they are placed.

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