Taking care of your Gums

Taking care of your Gums

It’s important to keep your teeth clean and healthy, however, they aren’t the only step in maintaining great oral care. Don’t forget about your gums, they are just important to maintaining a winning smile.

Modern medical research has been able to link several medical conditions back to infected gums, from diabetes and pregnancy complicatiions, the inflammation caused by bacteria will deteriorate gum tissue which will eventually allow it to reach the bloodstream and effect other parts of your body. Taking care of your gums isn’t just good for your oral health, its good for you overall health.

Keeping you gums healthy is a no brainer, but let’s assume you’re totally new to this idea. Health gums should be firm and pink without any kind of discomfort. If you experience loose or moving teeth, bad breath, bleeding gums, swelling, or receding gums you may be experiencing symptoms of gum disease.

Preventing gum disease is the name of the game and listed below are few tips to help you win.

Brushing Routine:

Consistent brushing at least twice a day, make it a ritual and always wait a half hour before brushing after a meal.

Dental Exams:

A dental exam and cleaning every 6 months is great to keep your teeth healthy and clean, but it is also the only sure fire way to catch any potential issues before they turn into much bigger problems.

Eat Clean and Healthy

We all know candy rots your teeth, but so does smoking and alcohol consumption. Try to reduce the amount of sugary beverages and if you do have a soda rinse your mouth afterward.

If you feel like you may need help with your Gum care please do not hesitate to call us, we have a full staff of medical professionals that would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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