Gardens Guide to Oral Health

Gardens Guide To oral health
ToothBrush  • Choose a brush with a 1/2 inch wide and 1 inch long head • Soft bristles will help avoid damaging the gums and enamel. • Throw the brush away when the bristles start to fray
ToothPaste  • typically contains abrasives and detergents to help reduce plaque and surface stains. Some have addtional ingredients to help strengthen enamel and reduce bad breath. • Natural toothpastes have fewer added chemicals, such as added colors and flavors. • People with sensitive teeth should try a paste with desensitizing agents.
MouthWash  • Rinse for atleast 30 seconds to kill the bacteria along the gum line that can cause gingivitis. • The ADA doesn't actually recommend using antibacterial mouthwash, but it does recognize the health benefits of doing so.
Floss  • If you have tight-fitting teeth try using waxed floss • For wider spaced teeth, try using tape style floss • Hate flossing? Try using flossing picks!