Cosmetic Dentistry: Dental Crowns

Cosmetic Dentistry: Dental Crowns

Here at Gardens Dentistry, we always ensure the best when it comes to your dental health. Additionally, we want you to find pleasure in your dental needs, which is why we specialize in family and cosmetic dentistry and are prepared for anything you may need assistance with. You can check out this page that provides all of our services if you find yourself curious about we offer, and have any further questions. 

To further explain, one of our services of cosmetic dentistry may sometimes include a procedure we are more than happy to assist with called a “dental crown”. A dental crown involves a cap that is shaped to your tooth exactly where it is needed. Don’t worry, this is actually an exciting opportunity to restore the health of your tooth as it maximizes the shape, size, and strength which always helps with it’s appearance. With ease, it’s job is to protect, restore, and prevent further damage. You can also be rest assured that the crown is firmly placed as it’s encased where your tooth lies at and above the gum line, so it’s not going anywhere. It also helps to know that a dental crown is made to look like your natural teeth, and will do a good job to not appear odd inside your mouth which can be your optimal best friend for your Instagram selfie. 

When should you ask yourself if you need a dental crown? Well, first off, we are more than happy to provide that answer for you. There are also numerous reasons that a dental crown may be needed as the tooth can be badly damaged via a crack, breakage, or even a mishap which we understand may happen. After a dental crown is placed, you’ll be able to utilize the function of your tooth again as the vulnerable part is now shielded from further damage. This means you can finally enjoy that second serving of dinner you’ve been craving without getting distracted by the health of your tooth! 

You may also be asking how exactly the procedure works when getting a dental crown? Well as listed in this page, we do require two appointments as we like to ensure the best when it comes to your concerns for cosmetic dentistry. The first appointment is a bit of a consultation where we like to introduce you to molds that will result in the customization of your crown. We also like to place a temporary crown that will stay on your tooth for approximately two weeks. We will prepare your temporary crown with temporary cement and make sure your bite is properly checked. Furthermore, this will give us time to create your new crown that is produced in our highly advanced dental laboratory. This means at your second appointment, your temporary will be removed, tooth cleaned, and your brand new crown is placed with accuracy while repeating all the necessary steps as we care about your comfort.

A dental crown is an exciting opportunity to get the best out of your dental health, and we hope we can assist with any additional questions you may have in regards to it. We want you to know that is exactly what we are prepared for, and will take you through the necessary steps to make you feel confident. Please know, you can contact us at (702) 867-2877 to schedule an appointment to get started. We hope to see you soon!

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