5 Things You don’t know about your teeth

5 Things You don’t know about your teeth

We all know and love our teeth, we brush and floss regularly because we want these old chompers to last a lifetime. However, You may be surprised by our list of interesting facts about our teeth that you may now know! Let’s take a moment and explore some of the more fun and interesting facts about our teeth that you may or may not know.

Teeth are like Icebergs

No, our teeth cannot take down the Titanic, but they do share more with an iceberg than you might know! Only 2/3 thirds of our teeth are even visible, the rest is hidden beneath our gums! Known as the “root” of our teeth, they sink deep within our gums. This is why gum health is just as important as teeth health, be sure to monitor and clean your gums regularly. Gums should always be pink and firm if you find your gums discolored or “receeding” you may want to consult your dentist.

Your teeth are like your fingerprints

We have all seen enough murder mysteries and homicide TV shows to know that our teeth can be used to identify our identity. However every human being on this planet have a unique set of chompers, even identical twins will have a unique set of teeth each! It’s also worth mentioning that our tongues also have a unique “tongue print”. Maybe consider these facts the next time you decide to skip brushing in the morning!

Your Teeth are Stronger than You Bones

Enamel mostly made of calcium and phosphate similar to our bones but is made even stronger by the proteins that form it. The enamel of our teeth is the outer most layer and is made to protect our teeth from everything that we ingest. This is why it is soo important to brush regularly and keep your enamel health as it is your first line of defense from cavities and infections. If you suffer from tooth pain your enamel may be eroded and allowing air and bacteria to your exposed teeth.

Yellow doesn’t just mean staining

It is known by most people that yellowed teeth are usually a symptom of staining from tobacco use or a coffee addiction. However, it is often just as likely that the yellowing is a symptom of tooth decay. Decaying enamel is the most common source of toothache and pain, if you suffer from these symptoms you may need to improve your dental hygiene.

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