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With more than 20 years of experience in Cosmetic dentistry and dental implants, Dr. Habashi would love to give you the smile that you have always wanted.

Dr. Touraj TJ Habashi

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Dr. TJ Habashi is an expert in providing excellent dental care in treating cosmetic & general dentistry cases to transform your smile. He also teaches implantology and dental surgery and mentors dentists entering the field.

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During Covid-19

For all the new patients who decide to join our family, we are offering a free VIRTUAL consultation.

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Dr. Habashi is providing you the personalized, high quality dental care that you deserve.
He utilizes his expertise and passion to create your smile transformation.

Get Free Virtual Cosmetic Consultation

1 Say “Cheese” and take some clear photos of your smile from different angles.

2 Explain us what would you like to change about your smile and tell us what are your concerns and your wishes.

3 Dr. Martz will send you a video message explaining you possible treatments and recommendations in order for you to achieve the smile that you wish for.