Crunch Time: Ice Chewing and Your Teeth

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Chewing ice mindlessly is an incredibly common habit, especially during the hot Las Vegas summer. Unfortunately, just like many other hard foods, ice has the potential to damage teeth, enamel, and gums. Is it easy to give up an enjoyable habit? Not really, but there are ways to make it less harmful to your teeth.

Instead of crunching your way through a glass of frosty cubes, try letting them melt in your mouth slowly. You’ll still get that satisfying refreshment from the cool ice, and the drink lasts longer.

You can also try replacing your regular cubes with softer types of ice. Go for shaved ice, slushies, or even “soft” ice, also known as nugget ice, which is slushier than the regular stuff.

Another option is to skip the ice in beverages altogether and remove the temptation to chew. A frosty cold glass can cool drinks, removing the temptation to chew.

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