Iesha Wongwui - Co-Operations at Gardens Dentistry of Las Vegas, Nevada

Iesha Wongwui – Co-Operations Manager

My hobbies include providing excellent customer service. That’s all.
Work is my life… but when I am not working, I enjoy going out to the movies (mostly for the popcorn). My all time favorite thing to do is hitting the gym. Fitness is my passion!

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Career?
There is so much to be loved about the dental field. What I enjoy most about my career is making a difference in someone’s life. It is so rewarding to me that I get to witness lives being transformed by something as simple as extracting a tooth. Our teeth are important and with neglect the pain is tremendous. I love that we can help alleviate someones pain or transform their smiles with something that we love to do… DENTISTRY!

How Important is Customer Service to You and Why?
Customer service is undoubtedly the most important aspect of my job. As I have received the Customer Service Excellence Award from the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce 4 times; I always strive to provide the best service I can, tailored to each patients’ individual needs. I always make myself available for questions, comments, and assistance… even after hours.

High School Diploma – Irvin High School, Texas
College of Southern Nevada – currently studying