Gardens Family and Cosmetic Dentistry: A Blog

Rarely in business, whether it be a sports team or a restaurant, does a group unify as effortlessly as water. What we mean is, a windshield collecting rain stays in place until more drops are added, eventually causing it so much weight that the gravity brings it downward toward the hood. The spectator can no longer individuate one raindrop from the next; it becomes an aggregate of itself where the sum is equal to all of its parts.

If we use this analogy but substitute water for energy—or chemistry—one can visualize the mood and mechanics of Gardens Dentistry. Every teammate has a role, a place, a programmed contribution that enabled freely their spirits to intermingle. Respect for the patients and each other was as visible as the Netflix or Hulu they allow guests not only to watch but select the show. Just don’t blast The Punisher while someone’s getting their teeth drilled on; Frank Castle isn’t a bedtime story nor is he the ideal background noise when Dr. Touraj Habashi is masterfully reconstructing your mouth.

We digress, though. The establishment was spotless and attractive, from the lobby to the horizontal chairs where guests lay their heads. The decor pertinent and well spaced, the facility ample in size as nothing felt busy, yet everything felt active. It’s evident that care not only went into the way it appears but the way they want you to feel, the way they want each other to feel; where problems seemed nonexistent, and the only focus that anyone had…was you. Sounds impossible, right? A business that gets along with their customers and themselves.

Well, welcome to the Eden of Las Vegas.